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of psychological effect to really show the japanese people that they have lost. >> oliver: back in washington, president truman struggled to find a chief prosecutor while wrestling with the political ghosts of fdr. >> joseph keenan had been a political appointee to the department of justice. he had been a very successful attorney. he was curt, he was rude. >> i think truman want fod get rid of all the roosevelt people with some inside knowledge, i'd say that that was a fairly accurate state. >> oliver: ohio neighbor was all of 29 years old when joseph keenan called into the white house that october of 1945. did this sound like a good opportunity to you? >> i didn't really have a grasp on it except i knew it had to be much bigger than anything and i was sworn to secrecy on what i knew already. >> oliver: he accepted. on 2 december, the prosecution and self-lawyers took off from washington headed for tokyo. >> arriving in tokyo on december 8th which was really december 7th at pearl harbor. >> oliver: their pearl harbor there. >> want today make the point we were not there for fun and games, but
, the concept is if washington is on a huge spending spree to print money, it's got to have somebody buying that up. that's what it's trying to do with the 401(k), isn't it? absolutely. this is a way to dig further. we talk about taxes in the first segment. this is a way for people under the guise, as toby said, of a safe, nifty way too far the u.s. consumer, if you will, purchase more debt. the other problem that toby didn't point out, we don't even know if this investment keeps up inflation. you might be investing at these what, 2%, 3% return and inflation eats your gains and principle. this is the same stupid idea brought to you by people who given a us social security, medicare, all these other great solvent ideas that we have. >> julia, what do you think of this? >> this idea is brought to you by the people who actually have this as an option. the federal government employee plan offers a couple types of investment. this is one of them. >> so do other 401(k) plans. >> it's an option. that's what we're talking about. why not allow people the option to have a less risky investment if the
so much for a preview. kelly? >> a lot of people in washington are working this weekend to dot the i's and cross the t's on the health care reform bill, but some of the focus has moved to massachusetts. we just heard molly and jamie talking about it. a lot going on there, where a democrat and republican are in the heated race for the late ted kennedy's senate seat. a seat that could actually determine the outcome of health care. david trucker is a writer with role call and joins us live from washington. david, good to see you. when you talk about health care reform, who would have ever thought that it would come down to, or at least apparently coming down to what takes place in massachusetts, so much so that the president of the united states is going there to actually campaign on behalf of coakley to try to make sure she wins and the reason, of course, is that if she loses, then they lose 60 votes in the senate. tell me about all this, please. >> well, it's an interesting con influence of events. democratic leaders have been working all week at the white house where they're locked a
they want that piece taken out this is typical congress. >> toby isn't this typical, typical washington? it happens with democrats, republicans. this is somehow, how bills get done. >> except i'm hoping it is going to be on cnn. >> c-span. >> the cadillac plan, quote, unquote if in were to win that concession back they are going to the 5%, 10% surcharge on the rich americans who by the way, those rich americans on 70% of the small businesses create 75% of the jobs. so it becomes a job killer. if they win it's a job killer. if they lose it means the health plan guess back and that's another job killer. >> pat what do you think is going to happen next week with this? >> if there is a cadillac tax that it applies to union health care plans the same way as it applies to anybody else. they've made the claim before we had collected bargaining. people make choices all the time they choose a lower paying job with a company that has better health care so that argument subsequent wash. will there be horse trading in congress? probably. what will it be? i couldn't tell you. >> mike you get the las
cheaper to buy them all a new house, tobin is it proof it is time for washington to butt out? >> you know, i wish this was -- i would hope maybe, you know, cash for clunkers was supposed to be 4500 and was 20,000 per car and the $8,000 tax credit, and you factored in the homes that would be bought anyway it turned out to be 60,000 and this is the worst, though, because there was an alternative to this, to having private market answer and no, no, no, we ride to the rescue, hi-ho, silver and we'll save you guys and winds up 5 to 10 times more than the private market and when will they learn? >> you know, julia, the administration admitted that there were problems with this whole program. >> well, they've admitted there were problems and we have to remember that the government gave money to the subsidiaries, all of the banks, subsidiaries of the largest banks in the country, and were happy to receive the money, but we also have learned that they have been dragging their feet on getting it done, you know, they are really not holding up their end of the bargain to get this work done, that is f
Search Results 0 to 6 of about 7 (some duplicates have been removed)